I didn't run when I was younger. I played tennis, indoor netball and soccer. As I got older the soccer and netball reduced due to knee issues.


I started to run but at the most 6km on a Sunday morning. The running progressed until I was entering 10km events. Sadly, I could no longer play tennis and the running picked up. I did my first half in 2013 at Blackmores Sydney and loved the challenge.


Unfortunately, my appendix burst the following weekend and needed a laparotomy and high doses of antibiotics to recover. Back to square one.


I returned to half marathons and at the Gold Coast,  a friend's husband said to me "I'll be 70 next year and I will do a marathon, London." Unfortunately, he had a double knee replacement instead.


Looking back at that I thought that I didn't want to reach 70 and wished I had done a marathon. I decided to do a marathon, not just any, a special one after all this may be the only one. I signed up with Travelling Fit to complete the New York Marathon in 2016 at the age of 56. I finished it, fifteen minutes faster than what I thought I would do. I loved the journey, the changes to my body, the unknown mental and physical strength that I possessed. Before I had finished I wanted to do another one but a big one, Chicago 2017 and who knows London 2018?

My advice is that if you want to do a marathon then you can. I'm slow and I look like I should be throwing something in an athletic competition not running a marathon.

Thanks for reading my story,