Penny Carroll

Penny Carroll

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Freelance writer Penny Carroll grew up working the floor at her parents’ health-food store and continues to share her enthusiasm for wellness via Australia’s best-known magazines. From elliptigo bikes to vibrational yoga, she’s tried just about every fitness trend in the name of work, but reckons nothing can compare to an early morning run in the great outdoors. When she’s not investigating the psychology of sports performance or trialling the latest wellbeing hacks, you can find her sneaking off for avo toast at her local café or taking her beloved vintage bike for a spin down to the beach.

What does being fit and healthy mean for me?

To me, it means energy to bound out of bed, strength to grapple with life’s adventures, and positivity to tackle my day.

What inspires me?

The beauty of nature, from the amazing powers of the human body, to the soul-expanding magic of a colourful sunrise.

What are my passions?

Travel, learning, writing and wellbeing – luckily for me, I’ve turned them all into a career.

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