My running journey began after a few wines at the Ballarat races. A couple of friends had started running and said come and join us. I said “I can’t run” and they said either could we. They persisted and eventually I agreed to go with them.


That was in 2014 and now “I love running”. Running has given me something for me. I was unable to have children. Running has helped fill in those gaps and given me something to live and strive for. My husband doesn’t run but he is an amazing support person. Getting out and running gives me an outlet of my own and time to clear my head or chat to my friends. I feel very proud of what I have achieved.


2014 I aimed to do 10km and by the end of the year I did my first half marathon. In 2016 I amazed myself and did two full marathons. This year I am returning to the Gold Coast again to do the full marathon with my friend Annette. We loved it last year, although we didn’t finish strong, we still loved everything about it. We are also looking at doing another marathon this year but are having trouble choosing which one. (Too many choices!) An overseas marathon is still on my bucket list.

To date I have completed 29 fun runs since October 2014. I have registered for another 7 so far this year already. So far I have done 2 Marathons, 9 half marathons and 18 other various runs raging from 8 to 16kms.


I am excited about this year as I feel stronger than last year. Spent more time resting than running at times last year due to tendinitis in my IT band. I am doing more strength training in order to keep myself injury free. I joined Fernwood in November and this has been a great choice for me. My husband is also working from home so even though I work full time it has given me more flexibility than before. Normally I would have to walk our dog regularly who is not  a runner and then go for a run, but my husband does this now and I am free to do running and gym work.


Well that's enough about me. Thank you for listening.