The feeling of accomplishment I had when I completed the 5km run when I came straight out of my unhealthy lifestyle was amazing and l won’t forget it. I did not continue running so consistently but it was the start of a huge turn around for me, I quit drinking so heavily, and smoking and I also knew I had to change my diet and lose some weight. I felt crappy and miserable.  So, I started doing it, gym (weights mainly) and an over hall of diet and lifestyle behaviours.

Fast forward and I gained my personal training
qualifications and I was training people after my day job of accounts and credit control. I had a goal of being in a sports modelling competition, but I found I could not hack the low body fat and heavy training, the stress burnt me out. Present day - maintaining my fitness but a renewed passion to run and encourage others, I am in a position now to study more and work on what I really want, a healthy and stress-free body and mind, and a job that allows me to help others.

I love running because it is always there for me, it allows my brain to let go of nagging thoughts, and I have such a rush of endorphins
when I complete a run, either my sprints or a 10km event that I am working on. Moving
my body how it was intended to and fueling it with nutritious food, so it can function how it was intended to is my passion. And life purpose is to share that with others I believe.

My short-term goals are to improve on my 10km time.  Then when I am comfortable I have nailed that I would love to work my way towards a 21km, and then well the sky is the limit isn’t it! 


I have a dream of also competing in a triathlon. Just the thought of using sheer determination (along with fitness) of completing my goals really sets my soul on fire.  When you have been in really low places in your life and accomplish a feat on your own that is really something you should hang on to.

I am so thankful for the Running Divas, they inspire and encourage and that is what women need more of xxx