I was never a runner and it was never something I had considered, school athletics carnivals were an excuse to stay home or even choose extra study.


 in 2015 I started training with a boot camp group at my local gym and even though I enjoyed the challenges and was losing kilograms I really preferred the outdoors. 

Towards the end of 2015 I signed up for a round of Michelle Bridges 12WBT program, and although I didn’t stick with it too well I joined a few of the Facebook groups that were associated, one of them being 12WBT Runners Connect, as I kind of liked the idea of running and being outdoors but it was something I didn’t think I could ever do.


On this 12WBT Runners Connect page I saw lots of talk about parkrun which got me curious, I started asking questions about what it was and how fast you had to be etc. , and found out I had one local to me. Whilst I was asking questions about parkrun and how to learn to run I was contacted by Rachel (coach from Rachel’s Runners) and she told me about a learn to run program that she ran which was local to me and free (what did I have to lose?) 

I managed to convince a friend to join me and for 12 weeks I turned up to the training on Saturday mornings, did the homework runs and amazingly at the end of the 12 weeks I ran my first park run non-stop ( albeit slowly). I was amazed and felt so good I just wanted to keep going and get better at this running thing . In May 2016 I completed my first event – 7km leg of Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon Relay and loved it. From then on I could be found at fun runs or parkrun most weekends. 

1 year on from my first learn to run session and I have completed many events and fun runs including the challenges of Sydney’s City 2 Surf and Mt Strolmlo trail run in Canberra.  I am now training for my first half marathon later this year and have also found a love for trails and look forward to getting out and exploring more of the beautiful national parks and countryside this country has to offer .