Our monthly challenges will keep you motivated and open minded to try new techniques to help you achieve your goals.
Some of our challenges will include:
Run for your why
Strength exercises
Pacing & Cadence
Nutrition & Fuelling
Virtual Runs
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May 2019 - Strength for Runners

The May Challenge is divided into 4 separate weeks:
Week 1 - Upper Body - focus on developing improved upper body strength
Week 2 - Speed - focus on developing improved speed for any distance that you are training for
Week 3 - Lower Body - focus on developing improved lower body strength
Week 4 - Core - focus on developing improved core stability and strength
Designed to complete each sequence 3 times a week with a break day between each session.
Prize draw - Yes! We have a prize draw which will be drawn at the end of the challenge.  To be in the running to win a prize pack you will need to monitor your progress throughout the challenge. Post your comments, feedback and/or photos of you training to be in the running to win a prize.  
We will be posting videos to give you some technique guidelines throughout the challenge and there is also some videos you can watch below. 
Download the challenge below and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for motivation. 
Most importantly, have fun and remember how beneficial strength is to your running. 
Week 1 Challenge-.jpg

Week 1 - Upper Body

April 30, 2019

Week 4 Challenge.jpg

Week 4 - Core

April 30, 2019

Week 2 Challenge.jpg

Week 2 - Speed

April 30, 2019

Week 3 Challenge.jpg

Week 3 - Lower Body

April 30, 2019

April 2019 Challenge Week 1 Image.jpg

Past challenges:

March 2019 Challenge.png