Running Divas Ambassador Team

These inspiring women will help to motivate you to work towards your Running goals

Running adds so much to my life. Gives me “me” time, a goal to work towards, it clears my mind and makes me a better person. 

My best run moment was at the 37 km mark of my first and only marathon. I thought I was dying and life wasn’t worth living. I realised I had found something I didn’t even know existed. My life changed right there in the middle of struggle street. I cried of happiness.

I don’t think I have a pre race ritual.


I started running after my 4th child was born 2010. My lifelong dream of running a marathon awoke. I became sick and my marathon dream slipped away until I met Erica and became a Running Diva. Now I’m about to start training for my 9th marathon. 

Jessica Causley, Running Divas Ambassador

Running has always been my 'me time' and has a huge positive impact on my mental health. I can zone out and relax after a busy day, or I can start the day feeling mentally prepared to handle whatever chaos is coming! 

My first marathon at Melbourne Marathon 2017 is still one of my favourite running memories. Running a marathon had been my dream for some years and I wanted to do it properly. Crossing the finish line at the MCG and being able to share that moment with Erica, after months of her guidance, was really special. It was one of my stronget runs to date.

I don't know if it's fun... but for years, I traditionally eat Spaghetti Bolognese before a race. I usually do so whilst watching trashy TV as I find it's the perfect way to ignore those pre-race jitters. 

I've always had an interest in running, but it was middle distance track events in my High School/ Uni days. Distance running came about post-baby... and then the distances just seemed to keep increasing. I love the physical and mental challenge that comes with distance running. I'm hoping to complete a 5th marathon this year and maybe even line up for an Ultra.

Sarah Nicholson, Running Divas Ambassador

Running adds so many fun family memories to my life now that my whole family runs.  We are known to swap going out for dinner for run events and fun bling!  

My best running moment was running with my 9yr old doing his first 10k event at Run Melbourne. After putting the time into weeks of training for the event he run it strong from the start to the finish and then smashing his goal time on the day.

No matter the weather or time of day a visor is my choice of headwear!  I also like to have my sunglasses which have sometimes stayed on the top of my visor for a whole run/event.

My run journey started many years ago when I enjoyed little athletics as a kid, even back then so passionate and loved every aspect of it and running a 10k event at the age of 15 and 16 on my own with no training (yes I paid for it both times).  Fast forward just over 25 years and I gave running another shot 18 months ago.  Since then I have been fortunate to have my family come along on my running journey, run two marathons, lots of half marathons + distances, lost 15kgs, substantially dropped my times over all the distances I have run and met so many wonderful people.  After not being able to understand how you could possibly run 15k all at once after a friend had, I now regularly will get out for a 20k run sometimes even before work.  Consistency, great friends, a supportive family and running network in Running Divas helped loads.

Beck Beattie, Running Divas Ambassador