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Erica King Profile PictureI decided to learn to run, literally from scratch, 15 years ago when I was 38. Previously I had been doing ocean swimming, general gym type fitness and wanted a new challenge as I was in a rut.

So I started to run – well actually a shuffle for a few hundred metres and then walk a bit. Making slow but steady progress I thought that having a run goal would be just the motivation that I needed to keep focused. I thought of what the toughest running challenge there is – a marathon and where would be the most exciting city in the world to run a marathon – New York City.

My goal was then set in February 2002 to run the New York Marathon on 2nd November 2002 – that was 10 months to become a runner. Just to add to this already overwhelming goal I decided to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.

I slogged it out alone for 10 months, increasing my kms each week and ability to keep going for hours on end.

I sourced training information from the internet, and anywhere else that I could find that offered any advice on how to run your first marathon.

It was a lonely but wonderful experience feeling the fresh air, thinking of nothing, no mobile phone, no distractions when out running – just complete peace and time for myself.

During this journey I had several articles written about what I was doing and raising money for Breast Cancer Research.

Finally after this hard training I was standing at the starting line on Statton Island in New York with 30,000 runners from all over the world, listening to a band play New York, New York. It was 6 degrees celcius, icy wind and I could not have felt more excited in my life.

The entire race route was lined with thousands of cheering, enthusiastic spectators and to cross the finish line in Central park was truly emotional – with tears of joy and every part of my body screaming I had just run 42.195kms for the very first time in 4 hours, 50 mins.

Not a great time for a seasoned runner but for me a fantastic achievement and who cares about the time – I am not a professional athlete and could not even run a step 10 months previously. I am just someone who set a goal and achieved it. I now knew that I could truly achieve anything that I set my mind to. The bonus was that I raised $97,000 for Breast Cancer Research.

Auckland 2nd Nov 2014.19 (Medium)Tokyo Marathon official photo for FB (Medium)

Now that I had the running bug I wanted to do more marathons and half marathons. Since New York in 2002 I have run 21 Marathons including all 6 World Major Marathons.

New York/Boston/London/Berlin/Chicago/Tokyo plus many half marathons and shorter races.

It was at the San Francisco marathon expo in 2007 that I came across an American clothing company called – yes you guessed it – Running Divas.

The friendship, commraderie, support, advice and encouragement that I receive from the Running Divas group is the best part of my life.

I want all women to have this same opportunity to share the love of running.

I also dream that women of all ages, body shapes and life experiences can achieve amazing things that they never thought possible.

With Running Divas Australia this is now possible for you.

Enjoy this fantastic opportunity to feel and look the best you could ever imagine.

My passion for running and knowledge about fitness and health has lead me on a wonderful journey that continues of learning in many areas. I just can€™t get enough information and opportunities to learn and experience as many areas of fitness and health as possible.

In 2014 I ran 12 Marathons in 12 Months as a celebration of being 50. I ran Hobart, Tokyo, Boston, Great Ocean Rd, Perth, Gold Coast, Sri Chimnoy Melb, The Tan Melb, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and my own Marathon in Melbourne for No 12.

This was a fantastic journey which is a hard act to follow.

Qualifications of your Run Training and Nutritional Coach – Erica King

  • Bachelor of Communications (Psychology) – B.Comm (psych) Sydney
  • Bachelor of Training and Development – B.T&D Melbourne
  • Bachelor of Human Resources Management – B.HRM Melbourne
  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology
  • MBTI Accred
  • Cert III – Group Fitness
  • Cert IV – Personal Training
  • Instructor Power plate – Level 1 and Level 2
  • Certificate – Sports Nutrition (Sports Dieticians Australia)
  • Instructor – Skipit Fit
  • Instructor – Cycle Excel Level 1
  • Instructor – 84 Day Body Challenge
  • Certificate of Anthropometry – Level 1
  • Certificate of Running Technique – Level 1 and Level 2
  • Certificate of Altitude Training – Level 1
  • Cross fit Endurance Trainer
  • Cross fit Level 1 Trainer
  • Sports Nutrition Specialist (International Sports Dieticians Association)
  • Sports Nutrition Certificate (International Sports Science Association)
  • Nutrition Wellness Consultant Certification (American Fitness Professionals Association)
  • Sports Nutrition Consultant Certification (American Fitness Professionals Association)
  • Weight Management Consultant Certification (American Fitness Professionals Association)
  • Master Nutrition Certification (American Fitness Professionals Association)
  • TRX Suspension Trainer
  • Nutritional Psychology
  • Diploma of Nutrition & Dietetics

Running Experience of Erica King over the past 15 years

  • Completed all World Major Marathons – New York, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, Tokyo
  • Completed Marathons – 27 in total so far
  • Completed 24 half marathons all over the world and in Australia
  • Participated in many shorter distance fun runs
  • Coached in small groups and online many women from around Australia with different levels of running experience to achieve new goals of running a first or subsequent half or full marathon
  • Coaching and assisting many women from around Australia to make real and lasting nutritional changes that have positively impacted on their lives
  • Coaching women from around the world to complete their first or multiple half and full marathons
  • Erica celebrated her 50th Birthday in 2014 by running 12 Marathons in 12 Months – a wonderful journey.

Next Challenge

In 2017 Erica will run 9 marathons – one in each State and Territory of Australia plus Boston for the 3rd time.

Dr Ursula King – Medical Consultant For Running Divas Australia

BMed, MCommHlth, PhD, DCH, FACRRM

Dr Ursla KingDr Ursula King is an Australian medical practitioner who combines her work in emergency medicine, with advice, training and co-ordination in outdoor event safety, injury
prevention/management, and nutrition. A member of the international Wilderness Medical Society, and Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, Ursula is also a Fellow of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine, and a trauma course instructor with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. Ursula provides on-site endurance medic support, and has been a contributor for Running Divas Australia with online injury advice and sports medicine articles.

This Year Ursula is co-convening the first national trail running conference to be held in conjunction with The North Face 100 endurance event in May, 2015, in the Blue Mountains, Australia.

With an ongoing enthusiasm for sea kayaking and mountain hand cycling, Ursula has represented Australia in basketball and tennis, and medaled (sliver and bronze) in swimming at the 1984 Paralympics. Having presented at numerous national and international conferences, including a TED talk, and known as an engaging facilitator, Ursula brings a depth and breadth of knowledge to engaging in the health and well-being space from both the practitioner and participant perspectives. A particular interest is building capacity for challenging, safe and enjoyable participation in outdoor events at all ages and stages of life.


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