Gemma Mellenbergh &
The Running Divas Ambassador Team


Advanced Run Coach, Founder

Erica King founded Running Diva's in 2008 and has been inspiring women of all ages to get out there and just Run. Feeling overweight and tired at 38, she wanted to find meaning in her life and so decided on a new challenge for herself. In 2002, Erica set the goal to train for the New York Marathon.  This took 11 months to go from zero running & feeling exhausted, to running 42.2kms in New York.  She did it! 

Erica then went on to complete all World Major Marathons, which is a huge running achievement. To date Erica has run 30 Marathons around the world including 12 Marathons in 12 months to celebrate her 50th Birthday in 2014. Much better than a cake or hiding away from the world. 

She is an inspiration to women around the world and is living proof that you can get fit at any stage of your life.

Erica believes in supporting you. it's never about your pace, just about seeing a run goal and achieving it. 



Support, knowledge and experience

Erica is a wealth of knowledge from running experiences and learnings from around the world over the last 17 years. These include 30 Marathons, including all World Major Marathons plus 36 Half Marathons and too many to count 10km and Fun Runs. 

She is a registered Fitness Professional with qualifications in Psychology; Run Coaching; Fitness Training and Cross Training. 

She is also a qualified nutritional coach with specialist qualifications in sports nutrition; health and well being; weight management with the focus on women and what we need at each stage of our lives and health goals.


Erica designs and writes all of the Running Divas content provided on this web site.  


Managing Partner

Gemma is honoured and and excited to be stepping up as Managing Partner of Running Divas while Erica takes a break. 

Gemma started running 3 years ago when a friend suggested they tackle a 10km Fun Run together. Completely inexperienced Gemma jumped at the challenge with the hope it would also help her to achieve a better work/life balance. Gemma was approaching 40 and very aware that being the lifelong workaholic she is, she was not making any time for herself.  Being a very passionate and driven business owner for 12+ years. Crossing the finish line Gemma's passion for running was ignited. 

After a gruelling 15km fun run several months later, Gemma was quoted as saying she 'would never run that far again' but a short time later she found Running Divas. The motivation and inspiration from the Running Divas community was infectious and one year later Gemma successfully applied to be an Ambassador. 

Gemma's super power is sticking to a training plan and she loves the training journey as much as the run.  After completing many half marathons Gemma tackled her first marathon on the Gold Coast and the very next day registered for Melbourne Marathon. She loves everything about the Running Divas community and is thrilled to support, inspire and encourage women to change their lives one run at a time. 

Gemma is very excited to be booked in to run the New York Marathon this year


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